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Stunning Design
  • Our competitor’s “Platinum” package is our Standard package.
  • No charge for minor changes.
  • Dedicated designer for each client.
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Easy to Use CMS

Your staff will love the ease of use with:

  • State-of-the-art Inline Authoring Experience
  • Robust Drag and Drop Capabilities
  • No Back-end Administration Interface for Authoring Users
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Comparing the amount of time to update
a series of webpages with different layouts.

Best Value

SharpSchool will always offer you the best value for your budget.

e-Rate Funding Eligibility


SharpSchool's Services are
97% e-Rate Eligible.


Our primary competitors' services are only 92% or lower.

Extensive Functionality with 40+ Modules

SharpSchool offers over 40 modules for all your technology needs, and it's all included from the start!

Competitors require upgrades and increased fees for more functionality.

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We work hard to support our clients' goals and create the best
possible web environments for K-12 schools and school districts.

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