District and School Web Design

SharpSchool makes getting a beautiful website as easy as 1-2-3.

SharpSchool’s graphic design services make it simple for you to get a winning school website. In three easy steps we’ll work with you to combine the best of your community and your school or district pride and spirit using the best of our years of experience and education in graphic design.


Nothing is more important than having a vision for your district website or school website. SharpSchool starts by working with you to build and define your vision. Using our Vision Creation Surveys, SharpSchool’s Graphic Design Experts gather all the information we need to help you build your district or school’s perfect website. SharpSchool uses information like:

District & School Colors School Logos, Crests, Mascots Photos of your school, the students and staff Athletic Information  Extracurricular Information  The best features you’d like to see The current features you can’t stand

Our experts use this information to create a vision document, working with you to build an understanding of what will make your district website or school website unique.

Conceptual Design

Our Graphic Design Experts create a conceptual design for your district website or school website based on the vision developed during the Vision step. We’ll provide you with a sample wireframe (a basic visual guide used to suggest the structure of a website and relationships between its pages) and a sample template for your site. Give us feedback! Let us know the exact items you want to see tweaked, adjusted, and made to better suit your vision.


Once the conceptual design is finalized, our Graphic Design Experts implement the new look on your website. In no time at all your site will be upgraded, updated, and infused with school spirit!


SharpSchool Design

Stunning Design

  • Our competitor’s “Platinum” package is our Standard package.
  • No charge for minor changes.
  • Dedicated designer for each client.
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SharpSchool Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

Latest Web 2.0 technologies with future upgrades to create the 21st Century Learning experience your students need.

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SharpSchool Extensive Functionality

Extensive functionality

Over 40 modules at your disposal, from district level process management processes to social learning tools. All your technology needs, all included.

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SharpSchool Ease of Use

Easy to Use CMS

Your staff will love the ease of use with:

  • State-of-the-art Inline Authoring Experience
  • Robust Drag and Drop Capabilities
  • No Back-end Administration Interface for Authoring Users
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SharpSchool Mobile Solutions

Mobile Suite

The ONLY vendor that offers:

  • Mobile Learning
  • Secure Mobile Portal for Parents and Students
  • Integrated eLocker Capabilities
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Best Value

No extra fees, no surprises. We give you the best value for your budget with all the tools and services you’d need in one complete and affordable package.

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