We Make it Work

SharpSchool has provided its educational management and online content management system to over 3,000 schools and districts across North America in addition to providing web design, web-hosting, email, learning content delivery, alumni relationship management and other value-added functionalities.

SharpSchool has also provided training for over 1,000 local education agencies across North America, from Maine to California to Alberta, Canada.

Each dot represents a SharpSchool client. To learn more about how your school or district can join the thousands of schools benefiting from a SharpSchool solution, please contact at 1-888-742-7702 ext 510 for a demo.

SharpSchool client map


Why Teachers love SharpSchool:

  • District-wide collaboration tools that create professional development opportunities
  • Easy-to-use classroom tools on a browser-based content management system (CMS)
  • Web 2.0 classroom applications that enable an interactive learning experience
  • Social media integration that engages students beyond the classroom
  • Cloud-based platform that offers limitless storage and mobile accessibility
  • Mobile tools that let teachers publish, organize and grade assignments on the go
Why Teachers love SharpSchool

Why Parents need SharpSchool:

  • Accessible personalized portal pages with consolidated student information
  • Ability to access information and communicate with educators while on the go
  • Peace of mind with CIPA compliant filtering system for all content
  • Translation tools that remove language barriers and promote communication and collaboration
Why Parents need SharpSchool

Why Students use SharpSchool:

  • Provides a safe environment to learn and collaborate
  • Web 2.0 tools builds student online literacy and responsibility
  • Interactive tools that enhance the learning experience
  • Dropboxes and a cloud-based platform lets students access class material anywhere or anytime
  • Secured social network lets students share, comment and connect
Why Students use SharpSchool

Why Administrators choose SharpSchool:

  • Scalable solution that lets your district grow at its own pace
  • Innovative Web 2.0 features and social learning tools that meet 21st Century Learning standards
  • Professional development opportunities and training services
  • Personalized portals and mobile access dramatically improve parental involvement
  • Safe student communications and monitoring tools provides peace of mind
  • 97% e-Rate eligibility gives you great value at an affordable price
  • District-level solution with cutting-edge workflow management tools
  • Cloud-based solution helps cut infrastructure costs
Why Administrators choose SharpSchool

Why IT Directors prefer Sharpschool:

  • Easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) enables users to update content without IT help
  • Multi-level permission control helps you delegate while retaining admin control
  • Cloud migration and deployment service
  • SIS integration lets you populate all classrooms pages instantly
  • Easily integrated with other existing web tools with Single Sign-On capability
Why IT Directors prefer SharpSchool